The Center for Adolescent Addiction Recovery (The CAAR)
The Center for Adolescent Addiction Recovery   (The CAAR)

Welcome to The CAAR!

A place where Adolescents with addictive and/or mental health disorders can be heard, understood and achieve recovery. 


Recover & Rediscover!


 Co-Occuring Disorders


                  Co-occurring disorders develop when a person who is experiencing emotional pain tries to feel better by using substances to self-medicate. 

Treatment for co-occurring disorders involves treating

mental and addictive disorders at the same time.


The CAAR is committed to helping young people and their families

whose lives have become chaotic and out of control

get their lives back together!



The CAAR's Mission


We are a non-profit outpatient treatment center.

            The CAAR strives to increase community understanding and involvement to reduce
the Stigma attached to addiction and mental illness

and to encourage adolescents, young adults and their families

to seek help rather than feel undeserved shame and to suffer in isolation.


Narcotics Anonymous  (NA)

Young Peoples Group (OPEN/BEG, Y, LC)

Please call 714.398.8498 for information about day and time.


*NA Meetings are open to the public and while are held in our group room, they are not affliated with The CAAR


CAAR on Addiction and Mental Health

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