The Center for Adolescent Addiction Recovery (The CAAR)
The Center for Adolescent Addiction Recovery   (The CAAR)

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The Center for Adolescent Addiction Recovery was founded in loving memory of  J.B.

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Meet some of our Board members who also volunteer their time at the CAAR:




Lindsey Downing, Artist  Lindsey is a local artist who teaches art in the community. She has created our group room's mural as well as designed our center to provide a sense of peace and emotional well-being. Lindsey ounded our Art Expression group which facillitates better expression of painful and difficult emotions.

Adam M. Apollo, Esq. is an attorney who practices law in Los Angeles and is the Vice President of the CAAR's Board of Directors. He is committed to the cause of helping adolescents and young adults recover from addiction and the sequella of legal issues that can arise. For clients of the center, Adam will be available to answer legal questions pro bono. All appointments must be scheduled as there are no walk-ins.


Kristina Apollo, MA, Kristina serves on our Board



Dr. Berberich, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist who has been working with people who struggle with addiction for over 20 years. She has worked with children and adolescents in OC; coordinated services with the local school districts, OCSSA and OC Mental Health Drug and Alcohol. She has worked with civil addicts and understands how addiction can lead to criminal behavior. Dr. Berberich knows that the sooner addiction is addressed the better the prognosis; waiting to "hit bottom" means waiting too long. The CAAR is dedicated to helping young people who suffer from addictive and mental disorders (called co-occurring disorders) get the treatment they need before they end up in the system or worse.


Dr. Berberich has written a book on addiction based on research generated by NIDA and SAMSHA which is the model for this program: Out of the Rabbit Hole Breaking the Cycle of Addiction: Evidence-Based Treatment for Adolescents with Co-Occurring Disorders.


Please keep an eye out for her next book Out of the Rabbit Hole Recovery Guide due to come out this fall 2020!


Dr. Berberich is the founder of The Center for Adolescent Addiction Recovery and has dedicated her life to helping adolescents and  young adults recover from the very real bondage of addiction - a seemingly hopeless cycle of stress and angst that engulfs the entire family..


Dr Berberich is committed to eliminating the undeserved social stigma attached to suffering from addiction or having a child with an addictive or mental health disorder. She has created an outreach program open to any organization in the community who would like better understand co-occurring disorders.  Dr. Berberich's goal and the Mission of the CAAR is to decrease the stigma of mental illness and addictive disorders and to encourage families to come forward and get help.

Out of the Rabbit Hole Breaking the Cycle of Addiction: Evidence-Based Treatment for Adolescents with Co-Occurring Disorders is available online and at our center. A complimentary copy of this book is provided to our clients to increase their understanding of addiction as part of their recovery.


To read excerpts from this book go to:

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Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255

This is a FREE 24-hour hotline




These events help promote awareness and compassion about the Stigma surrounding mental and addictive disorders 



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