The Center for Adolescent Addiction Recovery (The CAAR)
The Center for Adolescent Addiction Recovery   (The CAAR)


You do not need to continue to live in fear, worrying about your child’s drug problem. You no longer have to lay awake at night, concerned about losing your child from an overdose or other tragedy. You no longer need to endure the sadness, isolation and shame associated with raising a child who suffers from addiction.

Despite the myths about addiction, it is not typically due to poor parenting. We live in a society now where there is an overabundance of drugs: Marijuana, Methamphetamine, Heroin, Ecstasy, Cocaine, a variety of Synthetics and Alcohol are only some of what is available in every neighborhood. A predisposition towards Addiction almost always stems from stress, anxiety, depression or mood disorders, which is why addictive disorders are now more appropriately referred to as co-occurring disorders. It has been scientifically proven therefore, that effective treatment must address the co-occurring disorders simultaneously, or relapse will be inevitable.

At the Center for Adolescent Addiction Recovery, we provide affordable evidence-based treatment for teens & young adults with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders.  

Our program was created by Dr. Deborah Berberich, PhD, author of Out of the Rabbit Hole- Breaking the Cycle of Addiction: Evidence-based Treatment for Adolescents with Co-Occurring Disorders.

Dr. Berberich and her family have endured the tragedy and unbelievably painful loss of a family member that can occur from addiction.  She deeply understands therefore, what parents and the entire family goes through when a family member develops a substance abuse problem. She has since dedicated her life to understanding addiction and knows that without the right treatment, lasting sobriety cannot be sustained; it takes much more than will power alone.

Customer Testimonials

There have been many success stories since we opened our doors. Although we can't use names to protect people's privacy here are a few notes we have been given by those after leaving our program. "Thank you for everything! I thought my life was screwed but now I know I can make something happen with my life." and "I want to say thank you for helping me, I've improved since talking with you and I feel much better and in control!"

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